Independent Travel Training

What is Independent Travel Training?

It is a tailor-made process where we train an individual with specific needs to travel safely on a particular route.  The route will be assessed for risks and tailored to meet their needs.  It is especially useful for those with hidden difficulties.

The one-to-one training involves all areas of travel including: pedestrian, road and personal safety.  It includes; preparing for things “out of the ordinary” such as a diverted route or missing a stop.  It is designed to equip people to STAY SAFE.  It involves repeating a specific journey until the student “knows the route and what to do if things go wrong”.

All journeys are recorded leading to a meeting with the student and carers to discuss progress made.  The ability of the student to travel safely and independently on the specific route is assessed.  Initially the process can be time consuming and requiring moderate investment.  There is evidence to suggest that once trained on a specific route they are more willing, able and likely to branch out and travel additional routes.

SCT work with the learner and their support network to provide complementary training and to keep everyone informed of process at all stages of training. Click here for more information about what we mean when we talk about Independent Travel Training.

Benefits of Independent Travel Training

The Learner: builds confidence, independence and freedom.  Their broadened horizons give new opportunities for education, volunteering, employment and leisure.  This will give them improved quality of life and social opportunities.

Carers/Parents: peace of mind knowing that the student is prepared for independent travel.  There will be increased freedom and opportunities for leisure, education, or employment, due to reduced need for the carer to provide transport.

Organisations: assists transitions and increases independence and social inclusion.  It also reduces dependency on carers.

Why choose SCT for Independent Travel Training?

SCT are a local charity and put the student at the centre of our work.  We offer a range of ad hoc or fixed length courses for people with little or no experience of independent travel to more confident students who want to branch out and learn new routes. We are passionate about helping people remain or become independent with regard to transport.  We focus on the things that matter:

  • working with the learner and their support network;
  • we plan with the student in mind;
  • we break the training down and allow students to gain confidence and overcome their specific barriers (at their pace, not ours);
  • we keep you informed of progress;
  • we prepare for things that realistically can happen on any regular journey;
  • we give specific feedback on skills gained and areas that need further work.

To find out more call and ask for Travel Training on 020 8683 3944 or